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Here at Ivity Co, we believe in relentless creativity and complex simplicity.  Our respect and admiration for traditional practices seamlessly blend with an innate passion for innovation, experimentation and the age-old question, "What if?".

As a designer, writer, artist, wife, and mom of five, I founded Ivity Co to follow a passion that toes the line of technical and creative and provides clients with start-to-end solutions to their needs. Whether it be interior design, branding and content development, commissioned artwork, or custom home decor, we love what we do and that passion brings quality solutions to our clients.

After receiving a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Interior Design, I worked in architecture firms for 15 years - gaining insight into luxury multifamily, workplace, healthcare, retail, and residential sectors while getting experience in graphic design, brand development, marketing, and social media strategy.  

Ivity Co is a merge of this experience and is built for creative exploration and innovation. If you're looking for a designer, a writer, an artist, or a creative partner - you're in the right place, and we can't wait to hear from you!

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Danielle Porter

Owner + Creative Director


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